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Trading signals with our picking service

The Investor’s Coach delivers real-time stock recommendations for investing on the NASDAQ-100 and top European markets, direct to your Inbox. Trading can be profitable for everyone. Begin creating your fortune today! Simply start by selecting your preferred stocks and portfolios.

Build your own NASDAQ-100 portfolio today!

Receive up-to-the-minute stock recommendations with our stock pick service and build your winning portfolio.

With the Investor's Coach stock pick service and instant trading signals you will be able to replicate this portfolio exactly! We achieved around 170% in a bit more than 2 years, you can do the same.


We use the Investor's Coach trading system for our personal trading strategies, investing money in the stocks we recommend from our own picks. Ask other financial advisors if they invest in their recommended securities. Many don't. Trust matters.

My objective

"Success should not be exclusive. The Investor's Coach provides high returns for all." Oliver Prenn
Oliver Prenn
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The Investor's Coach expert stock trading system

Our live feed that monitors complete markets continuously help our members create real wealth. For example in August 2004 we picked SIRI (Sirius Satellite Radio Inc) and made a 236.58 % profit in just 4 months. We also made a substantial profit with AAPL (Apple Computer Inc) resulting in a 221.90% rise in 17 months and with RIMM (Research in Motion Limited), 159.38% in 19 months. The Investor's Coach will tell you when to buy a stock, how many shares to buy and when to sell. The simplicity of our stock pick service allows members to quickly and easily create and manage portfolios with instant buy and sell email notifications – stock market investing that works. Members that sign up to our NASDAQ-100 Portfolio will make the same profits we do: around 170% in just over two years.

Technical analysis combined with, portfolio, risk and money management are allowing our members to make real profit. We monitor all stocks in the index with equal importance and our expert trading system calculates the best strategies then chooses stocks. It even provides optimized stop loss levels. With stocks and shares timing is crucial - with our expert system you will generate real achievable wealth.

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Optimized trading

Real time trading recommendations When to buy sell? All stocks & peference portfolios
Trading signals Stock pick service Portfolio management

What does a subscription include?

      Instant buy sell recommendations

      Trading signals

      Stop loss levels

      Quantity of stocks to buy

      Long and short strategies

      Full access to ALL reference portfolios

      100’s of individual stocks

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